Monday, January 11, 2010

New Years Resolution

Colwyn Bay
An Original Oil Painting
By Sharon A. Hart

A few years ago I was very active in a local arts organization. One of my dear friends attended a workshop by a nationally recognized watercolourist. When he posed the question “What would you suggest I do to take my work to the next level?”, we both were shocked by the response. The artist suggested we both withdraw from the art organizations we belonged to so that we could concentrate on our work and spend more time in the studio.

As we’ve entered into a new year, I’ve reflected on that advice. I’ve also made the decision to become more seriously invested in my own work, even if that means appearing to be a little selfish by being less active in other forums, including this blog. As someone else has shared, “The internet is just too much of a seductive place to spend the bulk of my day and have nothing to show for the time except a lightly overloaded and confused mind and a lonely studio.”

Periodically I’ll post something as the muse leads me to pontificate or if I have a particularly interesting painting to share. In the interim, I wish you all a great and creative 2010!


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